Victoria Shi: Ukraine Introduces AI-Generated Spokesperson For Foreign Ministry
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine has introduced an AI-generated avatar to serve as its digital representative, making it the first country to do so.
The digital spokeswoman has been named Victoria Shi, who will read out the statements written by humans.
In a video shared on social media, Shi, attired in a dark suit, introduces herself as Victoria Shi, a digital person. As she communicates, the AI spokeswoman gestures with her head and hands.
The AI diplomat's manner of speaking and vocal characteristics are patterned after Rosalie Nombre, a Ukrainian singer and television personality, who purportedly participated without compensation.
In order to mitigate deepfake risks, Victoria's statements will feature a distinct QR code, linking directly to the official text version on the Ministry's website.
Developed by a team called The Game Changers, the main objective behind the creation of Shi was to save time and resources for diplomats.
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