'Some Jobs Are Going To Go': Sam Altman Addresses The Risks Of AI During India Visit
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman spoke on a wide array of issues, from the need of regulations for AI to the fears of rampant unemployment due to the technology, during his conversation with The Economic Times in New Delhi on Wednesday.
Addressing the fears of unemployment, he said, “Some jobs are going to go away. But there will be new, better jobs that are difficult to imagine.”
Responding to a question on ethical guidelines in AI, the OpenAI chief said, “I think the world should come together. This is an existential risk. If the governments cannot, we will ask the companies to do it."
Ruling out the impact of AI on creativity, Altman said, “Human creativity is not going anywhere, but expectations are gonna go up."
The ChatGPT creator also praised India's efforts in building technology such as UPI, Aadhaar at the event. He also appreciated India for its “early adoption and real enthusiasm” towards ChatGPT.
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