Elon Musk Faces Judicial Order For Testimony In SEC's Twitter Probe
A U.S. federal judge has instructed Elon Musk to provide additional testimony in the Securities and Exchange Commission's investigation into his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter.
Both the regulator and the Tesla CEO have been given a week to reach a consensus on the interview's date and location.
The SEC had filed a lawsuit against Musk in October last year, as part of a probe into his acquisition of Twitter in 2022, which he later rebranded as X.
The regulatory body is investigating if Musk adhered to legal procedures in submitting the necessary documentation for his Twitter stock acquisitions and if his statements regarding the transaction were deceptive.
Musk opposed the SEC's attempt to interview him, claiming he had already been interviewed twice and accusing the regulator of harassment.
If the SEC and Musk cannot agree on a date and time for the interview, the judge said she will hear from both sides and decide for them.
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