‘Defeat Of Art’: Munawar Faruqui After 12 Shows Cancelled In 2 Months
Standup comedian Munawar Faruqui's show scheduled in Bengaluru on Sunday was cancelled after a rightwing group submitted a memorandum to police seeking ban on his shows.
This is Faruqui's twelfth show to be cancelled in the last two month owing to threats from right-wing groups.
Faruqui landed in controversy last year over a joke, which the right-wing groups said poked fun at Hindu values. He was even jailed for nearly a month in January 2021 in Indore for 'making fun of Hindu deities' in his show.
After the Bengaluru show cancellation, Faruqui took to social media implying that he might quit comedy after consecutive bans on his shows.
"We called off 12 shows in the last two months because of threats to venue and audience," the comedian said in the long Instagram post...I think this is the end," he wrote on Instagram.
He called it the win of hatred and defeat of the artist.