Over 100 Workers Fall Sick Due To Gas Leak In Andhra Apparel Factory
More than 100 workers in an apparel factory in Andhra Pradesh's Anakapalle district fell sick after a gas leakage.
The gas leak took place at Brandix India Apparel Company (BIAC) in Atchutapuram.
The affected workers complained of nausea, headache, cough and suffocation. Some of the women workers fainted due to the gas leak and were rushed to the nearby hospital.
This was the second reported incident in less than two months, where the last gas leak in June left around 300 women workers unwell. Some of these workers were pregnant.
BIAC released a statement, saying that workers had complained of an "unpleasant odour" and were taken to the hospital as a "precaution".
A probe was launched to find out the root cause of the gas leak. The source and cause are yet to be discovered.