OnePlus Product Sales May Stop In Some States From May 1. Here’s Why
Around 4,500 stores spanning 23 retail chains in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat have announced their decision to cease selling OnePlus devices from May 1.
This decision stems from ongoing concerns related to narrow profit margins, delays in claim processing, and bundling issues that remain unresolved.
South Indian Organised Retailers Association (ORA) has expressed its concerns in a letter directed to Ranjeet Singh, Sales Director of OnePlus Technology India, highlighting a year-long challenge marked by ongoing obstacles.
The letter suggested that, given the absence of advancement despite attempts to address concerns, they have decided to take this action.
The body also highlighted the ongoing struggle for mobile retailers, who consistently contend with low profit margins on OnePlus products, amidst escalating operational costs.
ORA additionally outlined several issues encountered by its customers, stemming from delays and complications in the processing of warranty and service claims.
The letter concluded by saying, “Regrettably, the ongoing issues have left us with no alternative but to discontinue the sale of your products in our stores.”
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