Russia Ensures Release Of Indian Military Personnel, Compensation And Citizenship For Deceased's Kin
According to India’s foreign ministry, Russia has agreed to promptly release all Indian citizens serving in its military.
The announcement was made following Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Moscow, during which he discussed the matter with President Vladimir Putin.
New Delhi has been advocating for the release of Indians who allege they were enticed to Russia with promises of non-combat roles in the military but were subsequently compelled to participate in active combat in Ukraine.
Moscow is providing a compensation package and citizenship to the families of the deceased. At least four Indians have lost their lives in the conflict.
Meanwhile, families of individuals stranded in Russia are seeking a commitment on when their kin will be able to return, as they have been stuck in the conflict zone for over six months.
In February, Decode had spoken to Faizal Khan who operates the YouTube channel 'Baba Vlogs' and was accused of luring people with employment opportunities in Russia.
How Indian Job Seekers Were Lured To Fight In Russia Through A YouTube Channel
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