Meta Platforms Set To Label AI-Generated Images From OpenAI, Google, And More
In the upcoming months, Meta Platforms plans to identify and label images produced by external artificial intelligence services, employing a series of concealed markers integrated into the files.
Meta intends to label marked content on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads to notify users that these digital creations, often resembling real photos, carry invisible markers. This was announced by Meta's President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, in a blog post.
The company currently labels content produced with its own AI tools. After implementing the new system, it will extend this practice to images generated on platforms such as OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney, Shutterstock, and Google.
In an interview with Reuters, Clegg expressed confidence in the companies' ability to reliably label AI-generated images. However, he mentioned that tools for marking audio and video content were more intricate and still in the process of development.
This comes on the heels of Meta’s oversight board rebuking the company’s policy on misleadingly doctored videos, saying it was too narrow and the content should be labeled rather than removed.
Oversight Board Calls For Changes To Meta's 'Incoherent' Media Policy
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