Meta Oversight Board Investigates AI Image Mishandling On Its Platforms In India And US
The Meta Oversight Board announced investigations into two distinct incidents concerning the handling of AI-generated images of public figures by Instagram in India and Facebook in the US.
In the first case, the board revealed that a user flagged an AI-generated nude of an Indian public figure on Instagram as pornography.
The image was posted by an account dedicated to sharing AI-created images of Indian women, with the majority of interactions coming from Indian users.
The complainant appealed to the board after the first two complaints were left unattended by Meta. The company only acted at that point to remove the objectionable content.
The second case relates to Facebook, where a user posted an explicit, AI-generated image that resembled a U.S. public figure in a group focusing on AI creations. The board has also invited public views in the case.
In this case, the social network took down the image as it was posted by another user earlier, and Meta had added it to a Media Matching Service Bank under the “derogatory sexualized photoshop or drawings” category.
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