Meta Escalates AI Competition With OpenAI And Google With Llama 3 Release
Meta has unveiled early versions of its newest large language model, Llama 3, alongside an image generator that dynamically updates images in real-time as users input prompts.
The upcoming models are set to merge with Meta AI, the virtual assistant that the company touts as the most advanced among its free-to-use counterparts.
This assistant will receive greater prominence within Meta's Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger platforms, along with a new independent website, positioning it to rival Microsoft-backed OpenAI's successful ChatGPT more directly.
Llama 3's primary aim is to significantly reduce its false refusals, instances where the model mistakenly claims it cannot respond to a harmless prompt. Zuckerberg provided an example of this by requesting the model to create a "killer margarita".
The Meta AI assistant is expanding to more than a dozen markets outside the US with the update, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, Nigeria and Pakistan.
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