Indians Receive 12 Fake Messages Daily As Scammers Use AI For Operational Efficiency: Study
According to McAfee's 'Global Scam Message' survey an average Indian citizen receives approximately 12 counterfeit messages or fraudulent schemes via email, text, or social media each day.
As per the survey, while 82 percent of surveyed Indians have either clicked on or fallen victim to bogus messages, 49 percent of respondents noted that these scam messages are now meticulously crafted, often lacking typos or errors.
Fake job notifications or offers were reported as the most widespread form of sophisticated deception, with 64 percent of Indian consumers admitting to falling victim, followed by bank alert messages at 52 percent.
Around 60% of the survey participants think that recognising scam messages has become harder, citing hackers' use of AI to boost the believability of their scams as the reason behind this trend.
The study, which surveyed 7,000 adults across seven countries, including India, also uncovered that a fresh phishing site emerges every 11 seconds.
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