Global Cancer Cases Expected To Surge Over 75% By 2050, Warns WHO
The World Health Organisation forecasts a more than 75% increase in global cancer cases by 2050, as revealed by the latest data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the WHO's cancer arm.
The burden of cancer is evident, escalating from 1.4 crore new cases and 82 lakh deaths worldwide in 2012 to 2 crore new cases and 97 lakh deaths a decade later.
The IARC anticipates over 3.5 crore new cancer cases by 2050, marking a 77% rise from 2022 levels, with deaths nearly doubling since 2012 to surpass 1.8 crore.
According to the IARC, the rising prevalence of cancer is attributed to key factors such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and obesity, along with population aging and growth.
The report forecasts that by 2050, the wealthiest nations will see an additional 48 lakh new cases, while countries with lower incomes will witness the most significant proportional rise in cases.
In 2022, 10 types of cancer accounted for around two-thirds of new cases and deaths globally, according to IARC's cancer observatory covering 185 countries and 36 cancer types.
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