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Was The IPL Hit For A Six By The Elections?

Was The IPL Hit For A Six By The Elections?


The answer was ‘yes’ from Ayaz Memon and Aakar Patel. Cricket-O-Mania, a new show on BoomNews, anchored by Shilpa Rathnam, also had another guest – Dilip D’souza – who had this to say: “Two big shows for the season were cricket and elections, and both put up good shows.”


Memon was of the view that while viewership is expanding, it is also getting segmented. Patel felt that there is not enough time in IPL to form great teams.


D’souza said IPL/T20 has always been a batsman’s game but bowlers have found a way to come back. “Audience always want batsmen to do well; that’s why I am not a big fan of IPL.”


Memon feels if you want to be corrupt, there is nothing better than cricket. “But I believe that out of 100 cricket players, not more than 2-3 are corrupt.”


While Patel feels there are many problems with BCCI and IPL, Memon said the state of IPL also depends on the state of the economy.



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