Video Showing Muslims Chanting Provocative Slogans While Brandishing Swords Is Doctored

The original video is from a 2014 Muharram procession in Bihar and the slogans have been added from another rally.

muharram julus from bihar

A five-year-old video of a Muharram procession in Bihar, where a crowd can be seen brandishing swords, has been doctored by overlaying an audio track of another protests rally where provocative slogans were raised.

The video shows a group of Muslim men brandishing swords while chants of 'Shiv Sena Hai Hai' and 'Bajrang Dal Hai Hai' can be heard in the background.

The caption accompanying the video reads - 'the frightened, terrified, victimised community shouting Shiv Sena Hai Hai and Bajrang Dal Hai Hai while brandishing swords. Those advocating brotherhood and secularism won't see this'.

(Hindi: भारत का डरा हुआ, खौफजदा, पीड़ित समुदाय, हाथों में तलवार लेकर शिवसेना हाय हाय और बजरंग दल हाय हाय के नारे लगा रहा है.. भाई-भाई और सेक्युलरिज्म का विधवा विलाप करने वालों को नहीं दिखेगा यह सब |)

You can watch the video below and find its archived version can be accessed here.

BOOM found the same video on Facebook as well albeit with a different claim. The caption accompanying the video here reads 'Dalits and Muslims join hands in Agra to take out the largest protest rally against Tabrez Ansari's lynching. If you want to live in India, you'll have to say Allah-hu-Akbar.'

(Hindi: तबरेज अंसारी के समर्थन में आगरा में सबसे बड़ा जुलूस निकला हिंदुस्तान में रहना होगा अल्लाह हू अकबर कहना होगा दलित मुस्लिम मिलकर निकाला जुलूस |)

You can view the post below and access its archived version here.

tabrez ansari fake video
Viral on Facebook

BOOM had earlier debunked a similar fake claim involving a Muharram procession and provocative sloganeering. Read our report below.

Video Purporting To Show Crowd Calling To Avenge Tabrez Ansari's Death Is Doctored

Fact Check

We sifted through the comments section of the video and found some comments which mentioned that the video is that of a Muharram procession and the slogans have been added after editing.

Clues in comment section

We then narrowed down our search for Muharram videos in India. Several searches with different key words later, BOOM finally found a longer version of the same video shot in 2014 in Bihar's Gopalganj.

The original video has no such slogans as heard in the viral video.

The same video uploaded on YouTube in November 2014

Audio Overlaid

The audio has been lifted from a video BOOM had debunked earlier.

The original video is from a rally in Udaipur, Rajasthan, in December 2017 when Muslims in large numbers had turned up at Chetak Circle to protest against Shambulal Regar, who had brutally murdered Mohammed Afrazul, a Muslim labourer.

Did Congress Workers Shout Communal Slogans In Rajasthan After Poll Win?

Watch the original video below.

Updated On: 2020-09-15T16:22:32+05:30
Claim :   Muslims chanted Shiv Sena Hai Hai and Bajrang Dal Hai Hai with swords in hands
Claimed By :  Facebook pages and Twitter handles
Fact Check :  True
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