Mercedes-Benz’ 130 Years Of Iconic Design Celebrated At Grand Palais, Paris

Mercedes-Benz was founded 130 years ago, but the car company is very much looking to the future. The brand held a one-day exhibition celebrating years of iconic design in Paris, which harked back to classic designs.

[video type='youtube' id='Alup8f2OWMI' height='365']

From vintage to futuristic, Mercedes’ Exhibition boasted 80 different models and nine themes - showing the history of Mercedes from 1886 to 2016. Exhibition Called "Les Belles Etoiles", translates to "the Beautiful Stars", a metaphor for the three-pointed star emblem of the brand.

Mercedes-Benz brand was born in Germany in 1886, when company produced a 'motor wagon', the first vehicle of its kind. From classic to concept to competition, Mercedes showcased its flagship vehicles synonymous with luxury, speed and technological innovation.

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