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We trust you, our reader and not the advertiser. Help us bring you quality and credible investigative journalism into issues and themes around which misinformation is flaring. So you are not just better informed but prepared and alert.

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ABOUT BOOM                               

BOOM (established in 2014) is India's first journalist-driven fake news busting website, committed to bring to our readers verified facts and has presence across digital, social media, video and on-ground events.
We are also India's first independent online resource to cross check urban legends, myths and viral rumours, apart from fact checking claims statements made by those in public life. We rely on verifiable facts and information that can be cross-checked by our readers rather than opinion.
BOOM was also one of the first fact checkers in the country and South Asia, that was certified by the International Fact Checking Network- Poynter Institute. This certification is a reflection of the early steps we took to build a editorially strong independent fact checking website that has strived to debunk fake news and prevent the spread of it.


For more than two years, we have been fighting a battle against misinformation. Last year, over 34 people were killed across India due to fake news spread on social media platforms. Many more reputations have been sullied or destroyed.
Everyday we see individuals and institutions being attacked by `bad’ actors. The objective is to smear, besmirch and discredit.
Politics, societal harmony, health, medicine, products, services, finance and history, political parties, politicians, people in public life, people not in public life, businesses, the list goes on.
Because facts matter. Context matters even more.


At BOOM, we have done some terrific work over the last two years creating an entire new ecosystem that speaks truth to power. From Cabinet ministers to celebrities to social media influencers, we have fact checked them all.
But this work has to be scaled up and that can only happen if we can expand these stories to regional languages with Hindi as the immediate target. With 250 million WhatsApp subscribers, we are right now only scratching the surface. This can change if we have more resources to fight the menace of fake news.

How Misinformation Is Affecting Your Life

Sometimes it’s the stock price of a company, sometimes its the very essence of a consumer product or service. Misinformation around health and medicine can have debilitating impact. Like when a family member is suffering from cancer and we see messages saying that a new miracle cure has been found.
Or why you should not vaccinate your child. New York city saw a measles outbreak in April 2019 precisely because there were children who had not vaccinated themselves. And it’s happening in India too, right in Mumbai city.
This is just the beginning of a long battle ahead. We have to fight this together. And make the internet safer.

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