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A Long Way From Home

A Long Way From Home

With nearly 6000 dead and 80 lakh people directly affected, the earthquake of April 25 has left Nepal reeling. A group of Nepalese men in Mumbai share their thoughts and lives at this time.


The earthquake of 7.9 magnitude that rocked Nepal on April 25 has brought the Himalayan country to its knees. Nearly 6000 people are already dead and the Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala has been quoted as saying the death toll may rise to 10000. Relief and rescue efforts are on with many foreign countries including India rushing aid to the Nepalese people. For the nearly 60 lakh Nepalese living in India, the horrific experience has been lived virtually. While many have family and friends in Kathmandu and  have been directly affected there are others who have had to stoically cope with the shared tragedy of their people.


In central Mumbai a group of fifteen men have been running momo stalls for about nine years. Hailing mainly from Lumbini in the west of Nepal they report that their families are safe but are still to hear from some friends. They are staying put for now going on with the business of life.

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