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Is It Morally Wrong To Cheat In Exams To Pass?

Is It Morally Wrong To Cheat In Exams To Pass?


Copying in exams has been a norm for sometime now. This ‘little crime’ is committed by some and overlooked by most. But, cheating has gone on to assume mass proportions as witnessed during the 10th board exams in Bihar and more recently in a junior college in Jharkhand.



But the seriousness of cheating in exams was brought to the limelight with the Bihar topper scam. The Bihar Boards topper Ruby Rai had scored 444 out of 500 marks in her intermediate exams in the Arts stream but was clueless when asked a few questions on her core subject by a national TV channel.


Before the buzz created by the Bihar scam had died down, this week saw a similar case of copying from Bihar’s neighbouring state, Jharkhand. A video shows more than 100 Class 11 students of RS More College in Govindpur cheating in an examination by sitting in groups.


This raises many questions- How disciplined is the Indian education system? Do qualifying as a school with 100% pass is all that today’s teachers care about? We ask students in schools and colleges across Mumbai whether they regard copying in exams as a big deal after all?


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