Did Amit Shah Promise To Bring Back Black Money? A FactCheck

Amit Shah has made no such comment and News 24 did not report this.


The graphic shows News 24 channel shows Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah statement saying, "This time if our government comes back to power, then we will definitely bring back money in 100 days." The Hindi text reads, "इस बार हमारी सरकार आएगी तो पक्का 100 दिन में काला धन लाएंगे."


We heard Amit Shah's complete speech from the April 8, 2019 event when the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) launched their manifesto. On the said day, Shah did not mention anything about black money or the promise that black money will be brought back if BJP is voted back to power. Additionally BOOM checked the video from the same event uploaded on News 24's YouTube page and did not find the above graphic in the 17.50 minutes clip. BOOM reached out to News 24 which confirmed that the graphic was morphed.

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